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Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D., who recently died at age 99, once said, "The colon is the sewage system of the body. Colon Cleansing is absolutely necessary for your body to function at its optimal peak. Although one of the best ways to cleanse the colon is with intake of the right nutrients and fiber amount, the majority of American men and women do not obtain a sufficient amount of fiber from their diet."

Added benefit of losing up to 10 to 20 pounds is not uncommon. Our bodies cannot always properly digest and eliminate some of the foods we eat and the substances they contain--and this undigested material can become lodged or stuck in the lining of our intestinal tract in the form of old, dried fecal matter and mucus. The average American has between 4 to 25 pounds of decaying fecal matter collecting in and clogging their colon--and it can just keep accumulating for years!

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Hard To Believe Facts - Yet True
In the US, some 12.0 million people suffer from bowel problems. Though it may sound unbelievable, it's true that a damaged colon can be the underlying cause of innumerable ailments such as diverticulitis, colitis, diarrhea, headaches, bad breath, constipation, heart disease, hemorrhoids, flatulence, stomachache, diverticulosis, mental sluggishness, indigestion, sore joints, nervous system disorders, kidney problems, liver disturbances, skin problems, and excessive fatigue.

All Colon Cleansing Supplements are NOT Created Equal
In the past, people have relied on over-the-counter (OTC) laxative sources that use binders or thermogenic stimulants for prevention and treatment of their colon problems. Science has suggested that most OTC colon products are habit forming and harsh on the intestinal tract potentially causing long-term damage not worth experiencing.

Colocerin Truly Is The Nutritionally Advanced Colon Cleansing Supplement
Colocerin is reported to be the most effective non-prescription way to ensure your body's cleansing needs are met. This revolutionary new colon cleansing supplement actually delivers the gentle active nutrients it promises right into the cells of your colon where it's needed most. Colocerin does not have any known side effects.

Essential Ingredients for a Superior Cleansing
Most colon cleansing products (an estimated 70%-80%) are not properly balanced (formulated) to benefit the colon and intestinal health! Health Center for Better Living has developed Colocerin as a potent and thorough, yet gentle and safe, colon cleansing formula specifically blended to help support colon balance. Colocerin uses seven uniquely related ingredients each chosen to work synergistically to cleanse the colon and intestines, thereby allowing the health of your colon to thrive. Excellent colon health and proper cleansing depend primarily on two main factors, Colocerin offers both:

1) The proper elimination of waste materials, and

2) Establishing and maintaining a healthy balanced colon flora (the bacteria population residing in the colon) to help strengthen the immune system.

To promote optimal health and avoid complications beginning in the bowel, one must fulfill both of the aforementioned requirements. Without colon cleansing, poisons, germs, parasites, worms, fungi and bacteria can live in and feed off of this built-up waste matter. Also, the toxins from this excess waste matter can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body, causing many health problems. Colocerin can be your answer to bypassing these concerns!

    Our Customers Say It Best
    "This Time -Tested Formula Works":
  • Helps occasional constipation
  • Less bloating and gas
  • Speed healthy elimination
  • Promote healthy metabolism to lose weight easier
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Encourage healthy digestion
  • Less fatigue and tiredness
  • Rejuvenate your whole body

Colocerin, a Superior Colon Cleansing Formula Selling over 1.4 million bottles!
Research has demonstrated that quality and effectiveness can vary greatly among colon cleansing products. Much depends on the selection of ingredients and the way the formula is processed. Colocerin only uses pure ingredients and is manufactured under the watchful eye of a professional manufacturing process.

Everyone Can Benefit from Colocerin!
The highly effective ingredients in Colocerin are of paramount importance for all people looking to improve their overall health.

Men, Women and Children all need to be cleansing their colons and intestines on a regular basis, in order to achieve optimal, vibrant health.

Colon Problems are increasing at an alarming rate. According to the medical industry's standard text for diagnosis and treatment of disease, 85% of Americans suffer from an unclean colon.

Colon cancer is the #1 Cancer among men and women, and it's directly linked to poor colon health. Protect yourself with Colocerin Today!

Colon Progression
Colon Progression


I just wanted to let you know how much your products have helped my mother, Ruth. My mother is 82 years old and has had trouble with her bowels for several years. She has tried over-the-counter laxatives and medicine the doctor gave her. Most of the time she only had more problems with stomach upset and they did not help her bowels. Your Colocerin works wonderfully and has no side effects. Thank God for your company.
Jean F.

For as long as I can remember, I have had to use laxatives. Many caused gripping in my stomach and more pain. I have been hospitalized several times due to the pain. I am so thankful to have found wonderful, mild relief with the Colocerin, at last.
Lois B.

I am 34 years old. Some of the medications I am taking were causing severe constipation. I was really uncomfortable taking so much laxative so I tried your Colocerin. What a relief!! So nice to be regular again. I gave a bottle to a friend and she is enjoying the same positive results. Thank you so much.
Bill C.

I have spent so much money buying every kind of laxative there is, hoping something would work. Some did, but I still did not feel good. This Colocerin works and I want to say thank you. I'm ordering 2 more bottles today so I don't run out of this wonderful product!
Debra S.

I am 55 years old and a long time sufferer of constipation. I started using your colon helper recently and I am happy to tell you it works. Your formula gave me the relief I only dreamt of. Thank you for having such a great product.
Myrna R.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and diverticulosis. I have always had problems with my bowels, never being regular. Then I received your book of products and decided to try the Colocerin. I have re-ordered two or three times. This product keeps me regular and, even better, it's herbal. I love this product and have recommended it to others.
John C.

Your Colocerin is a life saver. I've had to take over-the-counter laxatives for years. And they are too hard on my stomach. Now that I am taking your Colocerin, I feel 100% better. And the best part of it, it's all herbs. I got my mother and sister taking it, too. Thank you very much.
Chechee W.

It's unbelievable that I suffered for years with diverticulitis and constipation. I was blocked to the point of nausea when I saw your ad for Colocerin so I ordered it. I moved my bowels several times a day for 4 days. I couldn't believe how good I felt. Haven't felt this great in years. No more stomach pain and now I have energy. I can't believe the poison in my system is gone. It's a miracle. The product literally is a life saver. I want my friends to know about this, I'm 66 years old.
Marilyn F.

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There's no other way to say it, other than "Colocerin works". I've tried everything on the market and they would only last a few days. When I got your book in the mail, I looked it over and said "here's my next try." I made out an order that day. That was over 6 months ago and Colocerin is still working. As long as it works, I'll keep buying. Thanks a lot.
Mary J.

I used to only have a bowel movement once every 2 to 3 days. But I can truly say, since I've been using your Colocerin, I can use the bathroom every day... sometimes twice a day! I no longer have the tightness in my stomach nor do I have the swelling that comes from having gas due to not being able to eliminate the waste. I am very happy with all of your products. I pray that God will continue to keep you in business. Thanks.
Annette B.

I have been using all kinds of remedies for the last 24 years and this product is the best! I've been using Colocerin for 2 years now and I'll be never be without it. My boyfriend started using this product, too, since we both suffer from IBS. But with Colocerin, we've been feeling healthier. Thank you for your wonderful product, and it's so inexpensive, I feel blessed!
Haijung C.

I was bothered with constipation for years, then I tried your Colocerin. It has worked great for me. I'm no longer troubled with constipation anymore and I feel so much better after taking Colon Helper; I would not be without it. I have been using it for 5 or 6 years. It's a great product. I'm 67 years old, but feel and act like a 50 year old. I highly recommend your Colocerin and all the other products I've tried.
Merlene M.

I'm 52 and, for years, have tried everything for my bowels to no avail. I have told and continue to tell people about Colocerin - the only thing that ever helped - and it has done the same for them. Also, I want to thank you for the affordable price for ones on limited incomes. Thank you.
Maxine Y.

I started using Colocerin 8 months ago and it is wonderful. I will never be without it again. Before I started taking it, I was having quite a few problems with my bowels & stomach. Now, I don't have any of those problems!!!
Linda C.

Before Colocerin, I would go to the bathroom just twice a week. Since I have been taking the Colocerin, I don't feel bloated and I eliminate everyday. Thank you!
Jeffery B.

I have had an irritated stomach for 25 years or more. Colocerin has really helped me. I wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks so much.
Alta C.

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I've had a constipation problem for a very long time. I've tried fiber pills and other things, but nothing ever worked for the long haul until I tried your Colocerin. My Mom had your catalog & she was pleased with your products. It is a great relief to have found a product that works to help me. Thank you.
Beth L.

I have had congested bowels most of my life even though I have eaten grains, prune juice, and much more. I have taken Colocerin for 1 year now with great results. Thanks for the Colocerin; I couldn't be without it.
Harriet R.

I am 58 years old and I have tried everything for my bowels. I had just about given up, I've had surgery 3 times on my bowels! My doctor said I was going to need a colostomy bag if I didn't get off ExLax. I picked up your book at a friends and read about Colocerin and it does just what it says it suppose to and it is very, very good. It took exactly 30 years for me to find a solution, but I'm so glad I found one so I don't need a bag.
Cindy K.

I have suffered with constipation for years. My doctor said my colon is in bad shape. Since I have been using Colocerin I feel much better and I'm looking forward to getting a good report when I have my next sigmoidoscopy.
Frank W.

I am so thankful to have discovered Colocerin, it is the best I have ever used!
Mrs. Leroy W.

After using many prescription drugs prescribed by my doctor which were not successful for my colon condition, I finally tried Colocerin and found it very helpful for my condition and easy on my body. Thank you for your great and safe product.
Brad L.

Last year I had a colonoscopy. The doctor told me that in his life he had never seen such twisted intestines; at the age of 79 I finally learned why I have been constipated my whole life. Your pamphlet arrived and I sent for your Colocerin- it saved my life! It truly is a miracle! I have some of my friends on it. I can't thank you enough!
Christine D.

I am 78 years old and have had problems with my bowels since I was a child. I can't remember when I wasn't constipated. I've been using Colocerin and have never been so happy with a product. It works wonders!
Marilyn A.

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After using your Colocerin for just 2 days I feel less sluggish and am more able to cope. Thank you!
Landon K.

As a 78 year old who has undergone surgery on my colon, I find Colocerin very useful in controlling constipation.
Henry D.

Your Colocerin has been a wonderful addition to my life. It has been a great help and I will always continue to use it.
Shannon M.

I have been a concerned person for some time on the health of the colon. I have tried every colon tablet on the market that I have seen. But I will tell you that your Colocerin is the best for me. It is a soft capsule and easy to take. I only take 3 capsules at lunch daily and this works for me. Thanks again for a very good colon capsule!
Graham L.

I have been using Colocerin for about 2 years now and it really does work for me.
Julia D.

I used colocerin and got good results so I am ordering 6 more bottles. Please send 3 of the bottles to my brother at the second address on the order form.
Roger C.

I don't like using over-the-counter laxatives, they are mostly just for overnight relief. This is the second bottle of Colocerin I'm ordering; it really works! Thank you!
Herold M.

I am 45 years old and have used dozens of your vitamins for years. I'll have to say my favorite is the Colocerin. I couldn't live without it. It's wonderful-a miracle for me!
Geneva C.

I have found that your colocerin is the only laxative that "fills the bill" so to speak. All I need to take is one pill a day and it keeps me regular. I am so thankful that I have located the only thing that helps.
James B.

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